A few days ago, I was talking to this guy I just met from a discussion meeting on entrepreneurship (nothing to deal with nutrition you would say, but wait before closing this article) and we started to talk about our energy, and I told him I was trying to stop alcohol for trying…

And then he told me about his dry fasting, I was first surprised because the only people I knew that actually practiced dry fasting were Muslim people, including my wife, during the Ramadan celebration. And to be honest, I always believed to be kind of risky. So I was very curious to hear what he had to say and I read a lot about it and here’s what I can share about.

What is dry fasting ?

Dry fasting consists in not drinking any liquid during the fast, unlike what I call hybrid fasting which encourages drinking a large amount of water or tea with no sugar added (needless to say).

It is much more “extreme” than hybrid fasting, so I believe it should be experimented only by someone who already tried other types of fasting with no side effects before. The best would be to be assisted by an expert.

But having warned that, dry fasting allows to drain the body in a deeper manner and more rapidly than hybrid fasting because as one’s don’t drink any water the body has to compensate faster to find water for the blood, it does this by burning fat. That’s one of the reasons why it begins to be very popular for weight loss (specially when combined with a ketosis diet, but that’s another topic).

Who should try ?

As it is extreme a fast, it is recommended to start progressively. That is why one’s should try dry fasting only after having experimented other forms of fasting.

For what I read, it is adapted to someone who is used to fasting and who wants to give his/her body a deeper cleaning method.

How long should it last ?

It is not encouraged to do it on a long period of time as it could be very dangerous when the basic rules are not respected.

The better is to try starting with a 24h fasting, see how the feeling is, and maybe extend to 48h. The key is to listen the body’s sensations. I first tried it this week and it felt good, I think I’m going to repeat this later on.

How to break the fast ?

It is very important to re-introduce liquids and food smoothly and avoid to drink down n one go a whole bottle of soda for example 😉

It would be good to start eating a fruit, the a salad or a soup and add progressively cereals, oleaginous seeds, then veggie proteins, then animal proteins, etc.

You named it, it’s not a good idea to break the fast with a too generous meal.